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Let's travel together!

Release time:2021-12-17

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  April, full of spring, is a good time for spring outing! On April 15, the company organized all employees to start a three-day tour of Hangzhou and Wuzhen, aiming to release everyone's mood in the spring season, stay away from the tense work pressure and have close contact with nature, so as to stimulate their enthusiasm for work and life; At the same time, promote the communication and exchange between various departments, improve the cohesion and centripetal force of the company, and reflect the humanistic atmosphere of the company.

  In order to ensure the normal operation of the company's production activities, this activity is carried out in two batches. Each workshop reasonably plans two batches of personnel, and the office makes overall arrangements. The tourist destination is Hangzhou, an ancient capital with a history of thousands of years and a paradise on earth! The main scenic spots are Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park, Hangzhou West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Xitang and xizha scenic spot in Wuzhen. For three days, under the guidance of the guide, we enjoyed the beautiful Hangzhou, enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery and felt the local customs of the water town in the south of the Yangtze River.

  ——Hangzhou National Xixi Wetland Park

  National Xixi Wetland Park has both unique and charming natural scenery and profound and long history and culture. Xixi, a magical and beautiful paradise, makes us linger and forget to return!

  Xixi and stay, we will come again!

  ——West Lake

  "If you want to compare the West Lake with Xizi, it is always appropriate to wear light makeup and heavy makeup." the beauty of the West Lake is like Xizi, with light makeup and heavy makeup, extraordinary look, cloudy, sunny, rainy and snowy, and thousands of charm; The beauty of the West Lake lies in that it can be seen in the sunny and empty in the rain; It lies in the beauty of spring flowers, autumn moon, summer lotus, winter snow and each other, and it lies in the beauty at any time; The beauty of the West Lake is unspeakable. It is a poem, a painting, a beautiful and moving story, and a favorite of scholars and writers all over the world. I believe everyone who has been to the West Lake will fall in love with it.

  Take a group photo of the group near the West Lake. Look, the smiles on our faces fully show the happiest feeling in our hearts!

  Freeze this beautiful moment like a full moon


  "The water town in the south of the Yangtze River is beautiful, the wind in the house is pleasant, the bell is pleasant, the small bridge contains the appearance of the ancient city, and the bluestone is elegant and pleasant!" Walking slowly into Wuzhen, it seems as if it is a different world. The ancient houses recording the vicissitudes of the years were built near the water and near the bridge, as if they tell the tortuous experience of thousands of years and reflect an ancient and immortal culture... Our hearts have been melted. The strong flavor of Jiangnan here has deeply captured the hearts of the northern men. It turns out that the world can be so real and beautiful, The beauty is intoxicating and moving! Its beauty is soft, simple, elegant, lingering and profound cultural heritage. For Wuzhen, the quiet picture of a small bridge and flowing water, holding an oil paper umbrella, walking gently on the bluestone board, forgetting the noise and disturbance, and the impetuous mind gets a moment of tranquility. The ancient and quiet, time and flowing water, carefree and mottled form a natural poetic and picturesque water town painting in the south of the Yangtze River. We are deeply fascinated by the dexterity and unique charm of Wuzhen. No matter what the situation is, every inch of time seems warm and soft, which can't tolerate your impatience. Lying or sitting, leaning or leaning, wandering or in a daze, and choosing a posture at random can make people happy to speechless.

  We engraved our names on the blue stone slab of Wuzhen... We never left when we came.

  "In the south of the Yangtze River, Hangzhou is the most memorable. Look for Guizi in the middle of the month in the mountain temple and look at the tide on the pillow in the County Pavilion. When will you revisit it?" After the successful conclusion of the three-day trip to Hangzhou, we are still in high interest and still have more meaning. We sigh when to revisit. At the same time, we sincerely thank Tongyun company for its warmth and love to our family. Savoring the warmth of this trip, we began to devote ourselves to the intense work. We believe that each employee of Tongyun company will devote more energy and enthusiasm to work. With the vigorous development of Tongyun company, we will contribute our own strength and jointly build this warm family, because we will always be a family!