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Yun'an decorates the ancient dragon boat festival junzhang Road on foot -- never forget the original intention and forge ahead

Release time:2021-12-17

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  Yun'an decoration held a mountaineering activity for all employees and their families through junzhang ancient road on the Dragon Boat Festival on June 7, 2019.

  All employees and their families gather at the gate of the company at 7:00 in the morning. The significance of this activity is not to forget the original heart, forge ahead, and meet a new self with a surprise and a way of life. At the same time, it perfectly interprets the humanized management of yun'an decoration and establishes a new corporate culture construction. Not only did this team achieve a sense of collective integration, but also made a good preparation for mobilizing the work enthusiasm of the whole yun'an decoration staff.

  Junzhang ancient road, named after junzhang mountain, is located in the hinterland of the hills on the East Bank of Meiliang lake. It has a history of hundreds of years or even thousands of years. It is the only way for mountain people to travel before the emergence of roads in the 1960s and 1970s. The main road is paved with stone, about three feet wide; The auxiliary road is slightly narrow and clear. These ancient roads, which have experienced vicissitudes and been abandoned for a long time, never dreamed that the 21st century would be given a new meaning: crossing.

  Junzhang ancient road starts from Baojie Mountain Forest Park, with pleasant scenery; At the end of junzhang village, there are a wide range of commodities in the small street, which is convenient to supplement energy. The total length is about 20 kilometers, divided into six sections.

  The first section starts from Baojie Mountain Forest Park, passes through Bijia mountain and Xishan Mountain to dashantou, about 5km long. Walk south along the asphalt road in the park. On the south side of a small wooden bridge, there is a section of slate road. After walking for a section, you will see that the slate road has become an earth road under the shadow of bamboo bushes. This is the starting point of the hiking line. Pull off your climbing stick and let's go!

  Paragraph 2 feel the meaning of life and feel the touch from body and mind

  Tens of meters to the east from dashantou pass on Shuixi Road, take Dongshan West Valley next to Wuxi Nanyang University and Shitang Shanxi Valley jungle to detour to dafunan village, which is about 2.8 kilometers long.

  When you walk in nature, you will be moved, proud and even proud of yourself. Maybe it's just a large area of farmland in front of you, or maybe it's just the curl of cooking smoke rising in the distance. You can understand the moving from your whole body and be namelessly moved by something you don't know, until you can enjoy the pain and happiness of walking without distractions.

  The third section is wufunan village, about 2.5km from Laohu mountain and Longwangshan Yakou to Xingfu reservoir (wolongtan) in yaogegu village. Considering the limited physical strength of most women and children in the staff's family members, we stopped here and had a common open meal. There are many ancient roads on this mountain road, and the scenery is good. Everyone took out the food they had worked hard to carry and shared it together. Zihi hot pot, big watermelon The children shuttled among them, and there was laughter everywhere.

  The fourth section bypasses the former site of the second rubber plant from the reservoir and then crosses the mountain to the pass of Panlong Road, about 3.5km.

  Paragraph 5 beautiful scenery has a different feeling

  This section is the most difficult part of the whole journey. You should be fully prepared mentally and physically. This section of the line is about 3 kilometers from the main peak of junzhang at the pass of Panlong Road, down to Longsi and across the ecological park. In the process of walking forward, you may scold yourself from time to time: brain disability, lack of soul, spend money to find guilt, and you will miss the soft sofa and iced coke at home. But when you stand on the open road, stretching thousands of miles, and the beautiful scenery is watching you in front of you, you are not moved by your arrival. This situation and scene will only make your blood surge, choke your throat, even cry and worship.

  The sixth paragraph satisfies your little vanity and enhances your self-confidence

  The barbecue point of the natural ecological park goes up the mountain and zigzags along the ridge to junzhang village, about 5km.

  I've gone through such a difficult journey. What else in the world can embarrass me? I came step by step! What, you drove here? Loser! When you really finish a hike, the sense of superiority that comes from your heart is incomparable!

  During the mountaineering activity of Yunan decoration staff crossing junzhang ancient road, it not only inspired the staff to remember their original heart and forge ahead, but also further enhanced the emotional exchanges between employees and between employees and the enterprise, and strengthened the cohesion of enterprise personnel. As an activity organized by the company, it not only cultivates the sentiment of employees and relaxes their body and mind, but also makes us regain a different self. Along the way, we can meet many people. We can chat together, drink tea together, share food together, and understand the feelings of nature and life together.

  From this activity, we realized that the company is our home, and every employee is a family to each other. In the future, we will devote more enthusiasm to our work with full mental state, build our common home and build the brilliance of yun'an decoration tomorrow.

  Never forget the original intention and forge ahead. Walking together is fate, walking together is happiness. We Yuncheng plate makers have been on the road.