Welcome to Yuncheng plate making group east China head office!

  • Created in

    1984 year

  • Fixed assets

    62 Billion yuan

  • Subsidiary

    124 quantity

  • Staff

    10000 people

  • Artisan

    4000 people

 Our corporate mission is:

 Pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all employees, lead the development of the industry and contribute to the progress and development of society。

 Our corporate vision is:

  Build a centuryYuncheng plate making,Provide overall solutions for the printing ecosystem and become an excellent enterprise with pride of employees, trust of customers and sense of social responsibility。

 Our core values are:

  Honesty and altruism; Innovation; Green sharing

  Including the management team, every employee of Yuncheng plate making places his life and life on shangyun and works hard every day. We want to make every employee feel "it's good to work in Shanghai transportation!" If we fail to do this, we will not be able to provide professional solutions to customers, nor can we enhance enterprise value and contribute to the society. According to this view, our corporate philosophy reveals at the beginning: "pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all employees".

  Therefore, when we pursue the stability and prosperity of economic income, we should also pursue the pride of work. The significance of labor and life is to pursue people's spiritual prosperity. At the same time, we must work together, unite and do our best to provide customers with professional solutions.

  Next, "provide professional solutions for customers". This means providing customers with reliable products, fast response, considerate service and good cost performance。

  Finally, "contribute to social environmental protection, safety, green and sustainable development". This means that all our employees should have a sense of innovation and indomitable spirit, and constantly develop new products and technologies to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution. And guide the development of the industry, follow the right path with conscience and set an example for the industry. Through aboveboard methods, make unremitting efforts to improve the efficiency of the enterprise and make contributions to employees, shareholders and society. Continuously cultivate employees with conscience and noble personality, so as to affect families, customers and communities and contribute to the construction of a harmonious and beautiful society.

  Yuncheng plate making takes this enterprise concept as our common business purpose and basis, and realizes the above concept by practicing "shangyun philosophy".


ADRESS:398 Guoting Road, Jiading town, Shanghai

TEL:021-69573807    E-mail:huadong-brandservice@shyczb.com

Copyright © 2021 Yuncheng plate making group east China head office  copyright   ICP: 沪ICP备06047247号-1

Copyright © 2021 Yuncheng plate making group east China head office copyright

ICP: 沪ICP备06047247号-1    Tel:021-69573807

Copyright © 2021 Yuncheng plate making group east China head office  copyright   ICP: 沪ICP备06047247号-1